January 2017

Happy 2017! A new year means a clean slate. Everywhere I turn friends and family are talking about their resolutions or goals for 2017. Don’t get me wrong, setting goals for the day, week, month, year, whatever are important. I tend to lose motivation on my resolutions so this year I wanted to do something a little different. While I still want to set attainable goals, I decided to create monthly goals so I don’t get overwhelmed.  I figure by sharing them with you, I will be more motivated to achieve my goals.

Be Consistent
My first goal for January is to publish a new blog post once a week. My life is really busy right now but continuing to grow my blog is important to me. I want to share my thoughts and loves with the world. I may even be able to help a person or two.

Be Present
I would like to spend less time on my phone. I’ve notice that I get very anxious if I leave my phone at home to go the store or even leaving in on the charger in another room. I find this absolutely ridiculous and I want to spend more time talking to people around me instead of being glued to my phone.

Be Healthy
My final goal for January is to drink more water. I find that some days, I will go hours or even a whole day without drinking more than a glass or two of water. Obviously, this is incredibly unhealthy and I want to take better care of myself. I got a new 24 oz water bottle for Christmas that keeps water cold for 12 hours. My goal is to refill and drink at least 3 bottles of water.

I decided to start small for January and only focus on a few goals. In order to remind me of my goals, I’ve written then down right next to my computer so I see them every morning. Let me know what your resolutions for 2017, or just January, in the comments below. Here’s to making 2017 better than last year!






For years, I never gave much thought to taking care of myself, not in an emotional sense anyway. I was raised to help others and essentially bury my feelings to be understanding and empathic towards others. It wasn’t until a few years ago that a friend finally wore me down after weeks of nagging to finally set up a self-care plan for myself. 

At the time, I was so stressed and burned out that I wasn’t sleeping or eating and my stomach was in knots.  My job really took it toll and I wasn’t taking time for myself which in turn made my arthritis flare. I spent all of my spare time doing things for others instead of taking a few minutes or hours to myself each week. 

I try to do at least one thing from my list each week. It sounds simple but we all know life has a way of sneaking up on us and suddenly we don’t have time to get everything done, even when we organize and prioritize. Below are a few things that  try to do on a regular basis. 

  • Warm shower
  • Face mask
  • Read a book
  • Watch a movie
  • Play with my dogs 
  • Take a walk
  • Mani/pedi
  • Light a candle
  • Sleep in
  • Watch church service online
  • Shopping
  • Coloring 
  • Talk to friends
  • Coffee date
  • Journal
  • Relax in bed
  • Bullet journal 

If you’ve never tried self-care, you’re missing out. Taking even 15 minutes a day to do something for yourself makes a world of difference. Let me know what you do to de-stress after a crazy day. 

Autumn Favorites

The cooler weather is right around the corner people. This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill! Autumn is my absolute no questions asked favorite seasons. I mean really, what’s not to love about perfect weather, beautiful colors and cozy clothes!? In honor of my favorite season,  I wanted to share why I love this season so much!

Cozy sweaters and cocoa
Warm drinks
Cool weather
Beanie hats


Dark nail polish
Movie nights
Pumpkin patches

Colorful leaves
Books and blankets
Chimney smoke

Walks in park with my dogs
S’mores and bonfires
Pumpkin pie

Let me know what your favorite season is and why in the comments below. In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful weather!



Candle Haul | Bath & Body Works

Ok. So my love of candles isn’t a secret…at all! I constantly stop and smell candles every single time I come across them. It doesn’t matter if I’m in Target or walking through the mall and come across a Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works. I always, I mean always, stop and see what’s new.

Bath and Body Works candles are my favorite of all time. They are constantly having sales or sending coupons via email which is amazing for candle addicts like myself. A few weeks back, I purchased a few…okay 6…candles during a sale plus I had a coupon. Basically, I got six candles for the price of 2.5!

In honor of these new candles, I wanted to show you what scents I’m obsessed with right now. My favorite scents change based on the season and right now, I’m really loving the fruity, summery scents.

Tiki Mango Mai Tai is a tropical blend of mango nectar, jasmine flower and sun kissed grapefruit.
Georgia Peach is described as a blend of Georgia peaches, dewy petals and a hint of creamy vanilla.
Sundrenched Mango is fresh pineapple and salted citrus in an intoxicating island fragrance.

Bow Ties & Bourbon is a blend of dark oak, fresh bergamot and a hint of bourbon.
Mango Dragon Fruit is a blend of juicy golden mangos and lush pink dragon fruit.
Sundress is described as a blend of bright day lilies, Tonka beans and bergamot.

I’m sure I’ll be adding more to my collection before I even finished burning all of these. Burning candles help me relax after a crazy day of work or a busy weekend shopping and hanging out with my family. Trust me! If you need to relax, grab your favorite candle, your favorite book or movie and just chill!

I love smelling new candles so leave me some suggestions of your favorite candles below in the comments section. Enjoy the weekend!




Reading Bucket List

I am a huge reader! Bookstores are my kryptonite. I don’t go into a bookstore unless I’m in need of something new or I will spend way too much money on book without the time to read them. Those of you who are big readers know exactly what I’m talking about!

I love to read all kinds of things from romance to self-help to psychological case studies. Random I know. Recently I began the long tedious search for new books to read during the second half of 2016.I’m very picky  because I usually spend about an hour before bed reading (or if I’m stuck in bed from a crazy flare up). Something about getting lost in a story or self-help book relaxes me after a crazy day at work.

So here are the books I want to read during the remainder of 2016:

War and Peace

war and peace


This book is a bit of a pipe dream. At 1,200 pages this book is incredibly long and involved. However, I’ve wanted to read it for years; since my high school English teacher and talked about it. I’m not sure if I’ll finish it, but I want to at least try!

A Tale of Two Cities

A tale of two cities

Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations is one of my absolute favorite books! I read it my sophomore year in high school, for English class, and loved it! It was the first assigned book that I had read completely. I’ve been meaning to read more of Mr. Dicken’s work and have decided that I’d like to start here.

The Book Thief

book thief

This is my niece’s favorite book! She’s been talking about it nonstop for months so I figured I should read it. She related to this book a lot since she, like the main character, were in foster care.

The Girl on the Train

girl on the train

This book is on the list simply because a ton of people keep recommending it. I’m not usually into thriller books (I HATE scary things) but so many people can’t be wrong about a book right?!

Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town


This book immediately drew my attention because I grew up in a small town in Montana and had seriously considered attending the University of Montana which is in Missoula. Having studied criminology and psychology in college, I can’t wait to dive into this book!

Big Magic

big magic

I’ve heard a lot about Elizabeth Gilbert because of Eat, Pray, Love. I haven’t read that book but I know a lot of people really liked it. This book caught my attention because someone told me that if you’re a creative person or want to be a creative person then this book is a must!

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

tidy up

This is another book that everyone has been talking about for a couple of years now. Based on the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing, I was immediately interested because I love to organize and always look for more ways to be efficient in doing so. Sounds lame, and yeah maybe it is, but I’m a totally organizing geek at heart!

The Book of Doing and Being

doing and being

This is another book for creative people (according to the descriptions and reviews). I’m a sucker for self-help book (not the cheesy kind though) and this one is all about getting out of your comfort zone and using your imagination.

So there you have it! My reading list for second half of 2016. It’s not a lot, but like I said, I don’t have as much time for reading as I’d like. If you have any suggestions of great books (of any kind) leave them in the comments section. If I get these done (wouldn’t that me amazing!) then I’ll need some recommendations.


My apologies…

…for the long absence. I have no excuses other than life got crazy and unfortunately, blogging just fell to the side. You know how it goes. Adulting is hard! However, things have settled down and I hope I’ll be able to post more regularly. Since life was so crazy, I figured I give you all an update on life.

First of all, my an auntie again! My nephew was born in February and is probably the cutest thing in the entire world. I spend a lot of my free time helping my sister and hanging out with baby as well as my niece. Now that summer is here, my 5 year nephew is visiting from Michigan!! He’s so stinking cute and incredibly smart. I love hanging out with him because he talks like a little old man.

Some of you may know that last year I quit my job in social services and took a job as a pre-kindergarten teacher at a private preschool. The change was crazy but I love my job! This year I had 18 4 and 5 years old! They graduated in June and I’m going to miss them so much when they start Kindergarten next month (we are doing summer school/session right now). My co-teacher and I have been busy getting our classroom organized and ready fro the 24 (yes, you heard me right, 24!!!!) 3 and 4 year olds next year.

My arthritis has been flaring a little bit and it’s been difficult to move my fingers, wrists and shoulder. It’s getting better and I’m trying to stick with just over the counter pain reliever (Aleve works right now) instead of doing to the rheumatologist. I’m really hoping that I don’t have a huge flare this year, but I’m worried it’s just delayed this year.

I’ve also been working through some family things. I don’t want to get into detail but I’m struggling with some family relationships. I’m huge into trust and honesty between friends and family so when I feel like someone has been keeping secrets or has been dishonest, it’s really difficult for me to trust again. But, like I said, I’m working through it and trying to get back to a good place.

I have a lot of fun things coming up and I’m looking forward to a lot in the second half of 2016. My arthritis-versary is coming next month!!! I’m also saving up to get a tattoo. My 30th birthday is in a few months. I’m hoping to plan a weekend road trip to explore the Eastern part of the country. And I’ve started bullet journaling! I’m very excited to see how I like it. Stay tuned for a bullet journaling thoughts/review coming soon!

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer and thanks for hanging in there with me. I really appreciate it!




Desk Tour

As someone who is an organization dork and planner freak, I love seeing people’s workspaces. Office Depot and Staples, or even the office section in Target make me very happy! I love pens, pencils, notebooks, paper clips, folders, sticky notes, I love it all!

Over the last few years, I’ve been using one large desk for doing my makeup and hair, and as a laptop station. It was incredibly inconvenient!!! A few weeks back I went to Ikea and discovered a great, inexpensive way to have 2 separate spaces for beauty things and work things.

I purchased a white table top for $7.99 and 4 table legs for $12. I simple screwed the legs into the tabletop and viola, work desk!

  I am obsessed with this desk. It’s small compared to what I had but that forces me to keep everything tidy and looks a lot more put together without makeup all over the place. The only downside is there is no storage and I’m still working on find something that works for me.
So, without further ado, here is a closer look at my blogging space.    I loving having this mirror behind the desk. It’s a great place to put pictures and gives me something to look at instead of the boring wall. I always have a candle burning and today I have one of my all time favorite Bath & Body Works candles, Peach Bellini lit. It’s smells heavenly!

 To the left of my laptop I have some sticky notes and my planner. I keep a few pens out if I need to add something but keep the majority with the rest of my planner supplies. I also keep a jar of colored pencils for coloring or doodling. Next to the colored pencils, I have another candle and a small bowl of paper clips.
 On the right side of my laptop, I have an additional notepad and my lamp, along with another candle. I told you I loved candles!

I find this space incredibly relaxing and inspiring. Let me know your favorite places to blog in the comments below.