DIY Computer Decal

I love color and change. It drives my sisters crazy but I just love bright colors and mixing patterns together to redecorate everything. Seriously, everything! In college, I had the coolest decal cover on my laptop. It was bright and colorful and everyone always asked me where I got it.  I’ve since had to retire my trusty college computer and I found a few months back that I really missed my colorful laptop. I didn’t want to spend the money for one to put on my new laptop (they run about $30 a piece). The problem with the decal, aside from the price, is I love change and they aren’t able to be removed and reused later. As I said before I love color and change so the solution is simple and inexpensive. Washi tape!

Compter Washi Tape old 2The photo is kind of dark but this was the end result. Obviously, this is just washi tape so it won’t last forever. After about 6 months, it had started to come off and tear in a few places. But considering how often I throw my computer into my bag for work, 6 months is a pretty long time. Since I wanted to change the colors anyway, I decided to share this fun DIY with you.

What you’ll need:

  • Laptop
  • Washi tape of your choice
  • Scissors


The process is actually really easy. After you’ve chosen your washi tape, decide how you’d like to arrange them. There are no rules so make it look however you want. I decided to go with three different colors/designs again. Target and Hobby Lobby both sell washi tape in sets with colors and patterns already matched so if mixing designs it’s your forte, that may be the way for you to go. I chose these three tapes that I picked up at Office Depot for $2.99 each.

washi tape21

The beauty of washi tape is the easy removal. If you get part way through and decide that you want to change the tape your using, or you want to start over completely, washi tape is easily removed. After you’ve picked your tapes, it’s time to start taping.

This is where you get to be really creative! Make any pattern you want or just do straight lines like I did. The sides can be tricky. You’ll want to either cut the tape so you have room to wrap the extra tape around the edge or cut it so it doesn’t show when the laptop is open.

This is my finished design. I ended up not liking the floral washi tape so I changed that. I love the bright colors; very summery. I’d love to see your decorated laptops, iPads, etc. Be sure to post them and tag me on Instagram or Twitter.

DIY Computer Decals

See you soon!



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