6 Things I Do Before 9am

Last week while trolling Twitter (follow me if you’d like random wonderings throughout my day) and I came across an article that Nina Garcia, Creative Director for Marie Claire, had posted about “9 Things You Should Do Every Day Before 9 A.M“. The post got me to thinking about what I do before 9 A.M. each morning to help me prepare for the day ahead.

6 Things I Do Before 9 AM

  1. Start Early.
    I am an early riser and hate sleeping in. Weird, I know, but my body naturally wakes up around 6:30 A.M. regardless of how much sleep I got. The rest of my family likes to sleep in so mornings are peaceful and quiet, giving me time to wake up and think about the day.
  2. Play With My Dogs.
    My dogs are likes children to me. I’m totally one of those crazy pet owners. They never fail to make me laugh and starting the day playing with them always puts me in a good mood.
  3. Hygiene Routine.
    Sounds ridiculous but showering, washing my face and brushing my teeth helps to wake me up and feel more prepared for the day. Plus, the shower is a great place to think about my day. I mean, doesn’t everyone think best in the shower?
  4. Think Ahead.
    I was a huge planner and love to have an idea of what I need to get done each day. I carry my planner with me so I never miss a meeting or deadline.
  5. Music.
    I have a playlist for everything; workout, mornings, night, Saturday, road trip, etc. My morning Drive Playlist gets me pumped for my day. I often change the playlist to my current favorite songs.
  6. Tidy Up.
    I always try to tidy up before I leave. Coming home after a long day to clutter just stresses me out. Cleaning up my vanity or making my bed makes it easier to relax and climb right into bed after dinner and more doggy play time.

I love reading about and watching other people’s routines. What do you do each morning before 9 A.M.?



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