Project Me Update

Today was my first official day as a Preschool Teacher. It was also the first day of school…scary! I was nervous, and still am, about teaching. I mean, how huge of a responsibility is that?! It’s a lot of pressure to think I’m preparing these kiddos for the rest of their educational careers. I never realized how scary being a teacher was until today. Kudos to all you teachers out there!

I had met with the co-teacher of my classroom on Saturday and got a quick run down on the daily schedule and what I will be responsible for on the lesson plan. Talk about a crash course in lesson planning! Pinterest is definitely going to be my new best friend! Ms. Dana was fantastic and answered all of my questions. She’s around my age and has about two years of experience at this preschool so that made me feel a lot better too.

The day went pretty quickly and relatively smoothly (there’s always bumps, right?). To say I was exhausted tonight when I arrived home is an understatement. My feet hurt, I’m hungry and just want to crawl into bed and sleep. But I’m excited about going to work tomorrow and that’s something I haven’t felt in a really long time! I have high hopes for this job and the future.

How was your day? Any advice for a new preschool teacher!?



2 thoughts on “Project Me Update

  1. Hi Tanya. I’m a preschool teacher with many years of experience. You might want to check out my blog! My advice to you is listen to the children and enjoy yourself πŸ™‚


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