National Dog Day

I realized earlier this afternoon that today was National Dog Day. I found out like most people, scrolling through Instagram wondering why so many people were posting pictures of their dogs. So in honor of this fun holiday, I decided to post some cute pictures of my boys; Satchmo and Toby. These two never fail to make me smile and always make things a little easier.

Toby smile



Satchmo smile

Do you have dogs or other pets? Tell me about them in the comments.



2 thoughts on “National Dog Day

  1. I have three pets… I have a 16 year old cat. We just gave him a “lion shave” for the first time.. He looks udderly ridiculous but I love him to bits! We have a 130 lb male bullmastiff and a 70 lb female bulldog.
    Our big guy’s name is Drake (please note I had no idea there was a singer with this name at the time I named him!) who is VERY lazy and snuggly. He always wants to be touched and cuddled. Gia, our bulldog is a little firecracker! She is FULL of energy.. Drake is 4 and Gia is 2
    Your babies are beautiful!


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