Happy Birthday Tobias! 

Last week, my sweet corgi turned 7! I’m totally one of those crazy people who celebrates they dogs birthdays and buys them presents (I draw the line at clothes though…except raincoats because that’s just good sense). I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos of him over the last four years (I adopted him just before his third birthday).

baby Toby

handsome tobyToby smile7998_4071072652125_1526813038_n625702_4312409565397_819345303_n

I love hearing about family pets so leave a comment/photo in the comments.



One thought on “Happy Birthday Tobias! 

  1. I have two puppies. The little one is a hyper little 70lb bulldog. She is half white and half black right down the middle of her face. Her under bite is totally irresistible. Her name is Gia.
    The big boy is Drake, he is a 130 lb Bullmastiff. He is brindle and is so calm. He loves to be snuggled and petted and is pretty vocal.. it’s super cute. I’d post a pic here but it won’t let me.


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