All The Allergies

A lot of things have changed in my life over the last 3 years. I’ve moved across the country to a new state, started a new job, met some new friends, replaced a shoulder, quit my job, started a new job in a whole different industry, and adopted another dog. To say my life has been busy is the biggest understatement I could make. Now I can add one more change to my ever growing list; allergies.

Never before have I suffered from seasonal allergies. I always felt that those with allergies were just being babies and needed to generally suck it up and get over it. My apologies to everyone with allergies. I never realized how much you suffer on a daily basis.

Apparently, some plant or tree or flower in the Ohio River Valley hates me because over the past 2 weeks, I’ve felt terrible and figured it was just a summer cold, or I picked up some superbug from a 4 year old (I never realized how gross 4 years are until I became a preschool teacher. But, I digress). Boy was I wrong! After trying lots of cold medicine I finally broke down and tried some allergy medication last night and while I don’t feel 100%, I feel a little more human. After almost 29 years on this earth, I am an allergy sufferer. As someone who had prided themselves on being allergy free, I was crushed to discover that I was one of the masses.

So here is my question; do you have allergies? How do you cope and what works for you?



4 thoughts on “All The Allergies

  1. My son has allergies. He isn’t stuffy and runny, but he sneezes. A LOT. He has usually three big sneezing fits a day… his biggest fit consisted of 17 sneezes in a row. This happens three times a day on average. We are in the habit of counting the sneezes now to see if he can beat the record. We are going to get him allergy tested very soon. It has to be what it is. I thought it was something in the house until we went to Montana and the fits didn’t stop. I think it’s an outside allergy of some sort. I’ll keep you posted.


  2. I personally don’t have allergies but a lot of my friends do. Two of my friends started taking opc3, one was allergic to peanuts, the other to seafood. One was severely allergic and my other friend his face would swell if he ate seafood. I think after taking the supplement a couple months consistently they dont suffer from any allergic reaction anymore. I was surprised too! They’re still taking the supplement to this day to build their immune system but they’re making back now what they missed out on eating as a kid. Hope that helps!!


  3. I’ve had allergies my whole life and they’re getting worse. What I have to do is take one 24 hour anti-histamine in the morning, and another at night. If it gets very bad I need eye drops as well and naproxen once a day. It’s crazy but its the only way I can cope. I am allergic to hay, grass, tree pollen, and animal fur.


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