29 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

I originally found this Tag on Thirteenthoughts blog and thought it would be fun to do. It’s always easy to list things that irritated us but actually thinking about what brings happiness to my life would be fun. So in honor of my 29th birthday, here are 29 Things That Make Me Happy:


My dogs, Satchmo and Toby. Is there anything better than puppy cuddles?

Coffee. All kinds of coffee. Iced. Hot. Espresso.

Rainy days

Action movies. I especially love the Fast and Furious franchise.

Hanging with friends. I have some great close friends and when we get together, it’s always a great time.

Road trips. I love driving and seeing the country from the front seat of a car.


Scented candles. Bath and Body Works candles to be exact.

Fashion Magazines

Nail Polish

The beach

My job. I love being a preschool teacher

Watching the snow with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa 


Mexican food

College Basketball. Go Runnin’ Rebels!

Yoga pants, hoodies and messy buns

Pamper nights


Coffee shops 


Coffee mugs

Freshly made bed with clean sheets



Game nights with the family

Me time. I love spending time with family and friends but also love time to myself

Fresh flowers

Dogs with bow ties

Family movie nights

I want to know what makes you happy! Leave a comment or link to your list.



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