Favorite Makeup Brush Cleanser

Cleaning makeup brushes is probably the worst part about wearing makeup. For years, I never washed my brushes and then complained about breakouts and spots on my face. I’ve never really had acne, just breakouts. After changing my facial products what seems like hundreds of times, I finally cleaned my brushes. And then did it again a few weeks later and then slowly became more and more consistent  which helped my breakouts clear up.

Now, I spot clean my brushes after every use and give them a deep clean on Sunday. Since doing this, my skins has cleared up almost completely. I’ll never have completely clear skin, thank you hormones, but I’m smearing less bacteria in my face which in turn keeps my face clear. Logic!

I’ve tried many different cleaning methods but never found one the cleaned my brushes as efficiently as I’d like. I hate spending hours washing makeup brushes…seriously, who has that much time!?

I’ve finally found a method that is not only quick but cheap! I’m talking less than $1 before taxes. And with one purchase, you’ll be set for a year, maybe longer depending on how many brushes you have to wash.


Enter, Zote Soap! It’s actually a laundry soap from Mexico made with coconut oil and tallow. I buy the pink version but there is also a blue version. Add some water and ta-da, clean brushes!!!


My favorite part of using Zote Soap, is the fact that it not only cleans my brushes but also my Beauty Blender which is impossible to clean sometimes!

I mean look at those results! I was shocked the first time I used this method. There is a cleanser sold specifically to clean the Beauty Blender but I hated spending so much money on soap. This method is cheaper, easier and much quicker!

Here are a few more examples of Zote Soap in action.

The brushes with white bristles are always the hardest to clean because makeup can very easily stain them. However, it took very little effort to clean each brush. I was able to clean all of my sister’s brushes and mine in less than 40 minutes. And trust me, we have a TON of brushes.

I hope this was helpful for some of you. Let me know if you give this a try!



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