Arthritis & Fashion

As someone who struggles with arthritis, fashionable and arthritis are not generally used in the same sentence. Finding clothing, shoes especially, that are comfortable, supportive and cute (not sneakers) is more difficult that you’d think.

Last night, I went out with some friends to see Twelfth Night which is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays of all time. We met up at one of my friend’s house and went together. The play was hilarious, most of the actors were fantastic!

 Afterwards, we went to a late night, hole-in-the-wall burger joint and holy moly! They had the best burgers! I highly recommend Bunz on Baxter Ave if you’re ever in Louisville.

I knew a head of time what our plan was but I was unsure how much walking was involved. Parking downtown is so unpredictable! Picking out footwear was like playing Russian Roulette with my arthritis. My common sense was telling me to wear the sneakers; be comfortable and don’t kill your feet. But, I hadn’t been out in such a long time, that I wanted to wear the cute leopard print flats. After some debate, I went with the flats.

Man, am I paying for that choice today! Between the 3 hour play and walking to dinner, my ankle is incredibly angry with me today, even though it was taped. Don’t get me wrong, it was totally worth it to spend a fun evening with friends. Someday I will learn to take comfort over fashion but apparently, yesterday was not the day.

So I’m spending the day in bed, relaxing, cuddling with my puppies, watching Hawaii Five-O until I have babysit tonight. Hopefully my feet are less angry with me by then.

Let me know if you have suggestions for cute, comfortable shoes (that aren’t sneakers) in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Arthritis & Fashion

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  2. Hi! I don’t have any specific suggestions but we have a store here called “Walk in Comfort” they sell brands like “Merrell” and “Clarke” and perhaps the shoes are not as cute as your flats but there are a lot of choices. We also have DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) and they sell some of those brands (and other comfy shoes) at slightly lower prices.


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