Washi Tape DIY

If you haven’t heard of washi tape, where have you been?! I am addicted to the stuff! I have more rolls than I’ll ever use but it’s something that I just can’t resist. There’s so many uses and it’s so cheap!

I mostly use washi tape for my planner to decorate and make each week look a little more festive and fun (blog post coming soon). But, I also use it to decorate things around the house too. I’ve already done a DIY Computer Decal which I love.

A few months back I found 2 of these square containers at Target for $1.98 each (steal!!). I used them for a few months but they’ve started to be more and more difficult to clean off.


After trying multiple times to get them back to white, I decided to just add some washi tape to make them more colorful and to cover up the scuff marks. I used 2 different colors of washi tape and a pair of cuticle scissors to cut the tape.


The biggest tip I can give is to start each row on the same side of the square. Then just wrap each row around, ensuring they’re straight and evenly spaced. I kept adding rows, switching colors towards the top. If a row is uneven, the washi tape can be taken off and repositioned.

Here is the final product! I couldn’t be more excited about it.

I did a second one using colors that coordinated. I also used a sticker quote to jazz it up a little.

If you love washi tape as much as I do, let me know in the comments your favorite things to do with it.




5 thoughts on “Washi Tape DIY

  1. You did a great job!!!!! I’ve seen wallets made out of that stuff.. They sell Duct tape here in multiple colors and patterns like that… you can also do flowers and make pencils super cute too!!!

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