Confidence is something that everyone strives to have. Everyone wants to approach life knowing, without a doubt, they are doing the best they can and everything will work out. Unfortunately, most people are usually self-conscious about something that makes them lack confidence.

Growing up, I was incredibly self-conscious and lacked confidence in myself, especially after I was diagnosed with arthritis in my early teenage years. That was a serious blow to my confidence. I was embarrassed because of my disease and thought everyone was making fun of me. Luckily, I never dealt with bullies regarding my arthritis, at least not to my face. Now as an adult, while I am secure with my arthritis, I still have moments, that last from a few hours to a few weeks, where I feel really embarrassed still about the way I walk, or put on a jacket, or move in general.


During my arthritis flare ups, my confidence is really down. I don’t feel pretty or confident in my physical appearance in general. I walk with a wobble, can hardly lift my arms and can’t rotate or turn my neck. I generally feel like I’m turning to stone. During these pain filled weeks, it’s easy to stay in bed and not leave the house, except when forced for work purposes, simply because I don’t feel good. But, I’ve found 3 simple things that boost my confidence and make “adulating” a little easier.

Get Dressed

It sounds crazy, but just getting out of my pajamas and putting on “real clothes” really helps me feel less frumpy. Don’t get me wrong, I spend the majority of my free time in yoga pants and hoodies, especially in the winter, but just changing out of sweats and frumpy pajamas, really changes my mood and makes me feel more put together. Besides, most people wear yoga pants everywhere! So it’s now considered a real outfit…right?!


I am nail polished obsessed…seriously obsessed (just ask my sisters)!! My hands look like crazy witch hands right now, even though  my arthritis isn’t in full flare mode (just working up to it). But when my nails are painted, I feel like it takes the attention away from my knuckles and finger joints and puts it on my nails. I tend to like bright polish colors so my nails are usually kind of flashy. If my hands are really sore, I love getting a manicure. It’s so relaxing and a fun afternoon out of the house with friends.


Over the past few years, I’ve really gotten into makeup and love experimenting with different looks and discovering new products. Doing my makeup, even basic, natural makeup, really boosts my confidence. I don’t wear makeup everyday. Honestly, most weekends I don’t wear anything on my face, but if I’m having a rough day, putting on a little makeup not only makes me look like I’m feeling better but gives me a little confidence boost as well.

So there you have it. Three simple things I do to feel more confident in my physical appearance when I’m feeling my worst.  Let me know what makes you more confident in the comments!





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