7 Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix

One thing you should all know about me is that I love Netflix. I’ve had it for years and could easily live without cable. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that I tend to watch the same shows over and over again, intermixed with new shows and movies. I’ve watched these shows so many times that they are usually just noise in the background as I’m getting ready or cleaning up. In honor of Flare Month coming up, I wanted to share my list of binge worthy shows on Netflix.


This is an obvious choice but I still couldn’t leave it off the list. I never really watched Friends when it was on TV but in college, the reruns got me through some boring nights stuck in the dorm room studying.

Hawaii Five-O

This is one show that is still actively making episodes on TV that I’m watching. Strangely, I don’t watch the new episodes; I wait until they come to Netflix. But I still binge watch the first 5 seasons over and over again. The characters are hilarious and because it’s set in Hawaii, it’s different from other cop shows.

A Different World

I grew up watching this show. My sister and I would willing get up at 5:30 am to watch 2 episodes before my dad woke up and watched the news. It was originally a spin off of the Cosby show that followed Denise to Hillman College. However, after the first season, Denise left the show and it followed the remaining characters through college and into the real world.


This is a Canadian show my younger sister introduced me to. It’s about the Canadian equivalent of a SWAT team. It’s so addicting! The story line is from a different perspective than most crime shows. These aren’t detectives or beat cops. They are simply SWAT that comes into defuse situations.

Last Man Standing

If you loved Home Improvement from the 90s, you will love Last Man Standing! The comedy is very similar. Tim Allen is gun toting, republican member of the NRA with 3 daughters, one of which is a liberal. Every episode makes me giggle. I highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys comedies!

One Tree Hill

I watch this One Tree Hill for nostalgia purposes. I watched this show in high school and college. It follows a group of friends from high school through adulthood. I’ll be honest, the first season is pretty cheesy but that’s part of what I love about it. The characters are relatable, humorous and dramatic. There’s a little something for everyone.


I know. I know. Another cop show. I’m sorry! I can’t help it. I love crime shows! Growing up, I had aspirations of wanting to work for the FBI in forensics. NCIS is a spin off of JAG (which I also love) and follows a team of investigators that solve crimes for the Navy. You wouldn’t believe how funny some of the characters are. One of the best shows on TV!

What are your favorite Netflix shows or movies to watch? I’m always willing to try out new ones. Happy binge watching!




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