Philosophy Back to Nurture Replenishment | Review

I first discovered the Philosophy brand in college completely by accident. I was unhappy with my drugstore facial cleanser and had gone to an even at Nordstrom with a friend. My friend raved about the brand so I decided to splurge and give it a try. I fell in love with the purity cleanser. It’s absolutely amazing!

Over the years of trying different medications for my arthritis my skin became very dry and somewhat sensitive. My skin isn’t completely sensitive but I do react to a lot of products. I’m not completely sure if the medications actually had any affected on the change in my skin but hormones and purity, along side up to 30 pills a day, I believe they played some roll in the change.

Now as an adult, my skin has stabilized for the most part. I’ve found a routine that works and keeps my face relatively clear, with only the occasional breakout or texture on my face. The one thing I had been on the hunt for was a nighttime hydrating moisturizer.

A few weeks back I was on the Philosophy website purchasing my daily moisturizer and had a free gift with a $60 purchase. The free gift was a 2oz Back to Nurture Replenishment Crème. I did a little research and decided to spend an extra $15 to get the free moisturizer.

I’ve been trying this product out for about two weeks and I love it! It marketed to be a daily morning and night moisturizer but I find that’s too thick for me to wear under makeup so I use it strictly  as a night cream. It’s a very thick consistency but is easy to blend in all over the face and neck. The next morning my skin is supple, smooth and hydrated.

The only downside for me is the scent. All Philosophy products have a slight scent and this one is not different. It has a perfume scent to it which doesn’t linger for more than about 5-10 minutes but I could do without the scent completely.

If you struggle with finding products that work, I highly recommend the Philosophy brand to everyone I know! I even got my older sister who is even more picky than I am, to try the face cleanser and moisturizer and she loves them!

One of my favorite things about Philosophy is, if you sign up for their promotional emails on their website, they’re always having really amazing free gift with purchase giveaways. It’s a great way to purchase one or two products and get another for free! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a free gift?!

Let me know in the comments how you deal with changes in your skin and what products work for you. Have a wonderful weekend!



Flare Makeup

My annual arthritis flare is upon us. Every year between the end of February and beginning of April, my arthritis decides to remind me that it’s present. We have a fun game going called, “How Swollen Can One Joint Get?” So far, my knuckles are winning.

During my flare ups, my hands are very swollen and sore. It makes doing simple tasks like buttoning pants or fixing my hair incredibly painful. I’ve worked out some simple hairstyles and plan clothing accordingly but makeup is something that I refuse to stop using.

I love makeup! I love watching makeup videos. I love looking at beauty blogs. I love shopping for makeup. I’m a little obsessed. Instead of giving up on makeup all together, because let’s face it, I would never be able to, I’ve adapted my morning makeup routine to be simple, quick but still pretty.

  Painterly Paint Pot | Urban Decay Blackout | Maybelline Fit Me Concealer | Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier | NYX Eyebrow Pencil | Benefit Roller Lash

I can easily do my complete face with this simple makeup.  I love the end result and gives me some confidence when I’m feeling my worst. Here is the finished product from a few days ago. 

What are your favorite products for a quick makeup look to feel more confident when you don’t have enough time or are struggling with a flare up? Leave a comment below.


Favorite Makeup Brush Cleanser

Cleaning makeup brushes is probably the worst part about wearing makeup. For years, I never washed my brushes and then complained about breakouts and spots on my face. I’ve never really had acne, just breakouts. After changing my facial products what seems like hundreds of times, I finally cleaned my brushes. And then did it again a few weeks later and then slowly became more and more consistent  which helped my breakouts clear up.

Now, I spot clean my brushes after every use and give them a deep clean on Sunday. Since doing this, my skins has cleared up almost completely. I’ll never have completely clear skin, thank you hormones, but I’m smearing less bacteria in my face which in turn keeps my face clear. Logic!

I’ve tried many different cleaning methods but never found one the cleaned my brushes as efficiently as I’d like. I hate spending hours washing makeup brushes…seriously, who has that much time!?

I’ve finally found a method that is not only quick but cheap! I’m talking less than $1 before taxes. And with one purchase, you’ll be set for a year, maybe longer depending on how many brushes you have to wash.


Enter, Zote Soap! It’s actually a laundry soap from Mexico made with coconut oil and tallow. I buy the pink version but there is also a blue version. Add some water and ta-da, clean brushes!!!


My favorite part of using Zote Soap, is the fact that it not only cleans my brushes but also my Beauty Blender which is impossible to clean sometimes!

I mean look at those results! I was shocked the first time I used this method. There is a cleanser sold specifically to clean the Beauty Blender but I hated spending so much money on soap. This method is cheaper, easier and much quicker!

Here are a few more examples of Zote Soap in action.

The brushes with white bristles are always the hardest to clean because makeup can very easily stain them. However, it took very little effort to clean each brush. I was able to clean all of my sister’s brushes and mine in less than 40 minutes. And trust me, we have a TON of brushes.

I hope this was helpful for some of you. Let me know if you give this a try!


Holy Grail Beauty Products

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more and more obsessed with beauty products and makeup. It wasn’t until the last year or two of college that I really started experimenting with makeup and taking care of my skin. That being said, I’ve tried a lot of products over the last 8 years but always come back to the same favorite products.Holy Grail Products1

Reading blog posts or watching videos of monthly favorites or holy grail products fascinate me. Trying out new products and seeing what other people are really loving is getting to be a little out of control. Here are my absolute favorite, keep coming back to, beauty, hair and make up products.Philosophy Purity

Purity Face Wash. I first discovered the philosophy brand back in college and fell in love. However, since I was in college, I was on a strict budget and couldn’t really afford the expense of $28 for face wash and $47 for moisturizer. I rediscovered the Purity face wash about two years ago and haven’t used anything since. It’s gentle and doesn’t break me out while cleansing my face without stripping the moisture.Lush Mint Julips

Lush Mint Julep Lip Scrub. I have really dry lips in the fall and winter. So dry that no amount of lip balm was helping. After watching a few favorite videos, I decided to try this lip scrub and I fell in love! The mint scent is lovely without being over powering and the scrub is gentle but removes dry skin from lips.Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil. If you haven’t been using coconut oil, you are missing out! I use coconut oil every night to remove my makeup, even mascara. Not only does it gently break down the oils of the makeup and mascara, but it moisturizes eyelashes and skin at the same time. I also occasionally use coconut oil as a hair mask overnight to give my hair a jolt of moisture.benefit Roller Lash

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. I was given a sample of the Roller Lash Mascara after getting my eyebrows done at the Benefit Brow Bar. I loved They’re Real mascara so I decided to give it a try. I fell in love. It gives volume and some length. But my favorite part is that while it’s easy to remove, it stays put during the day and doesn’t make me look like a panda by the time I get home.Clear Shampoo

Clear Shampoo/Conditioner. The Clear hair line are products that I continue to come back to after trying out new shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo gives a good lather and cleans my hair without stripping the oils. The conditioner moisturizes without weighing down my hair. And the scent of both is amazing!Seche Vite Top Coat

Seche Vite Top Coat. I use this top coat every time I paint my nails. I’m impatient and this top coat dries so fast that I’ve been unable to find anything that works better. I know that a lot of people don’t like it because of the chemicals in it but I guess I’m just a rebel.Loreal Julieanne's Nude Lipstick

Loreal Julieanne’s Nude Lipstick. I loved the nude lipstick trend from afar for a long time. Having red hair and light skin, I struggled to find a nude lipstick that wasn’t too brown or too pink. I had heard a lot about this color before trying it. I was skeptical but gave it a try anyway. I fell in love! This color is the perfect nude for me. I loved it so much I bought another for myself and one for my sister.

Let me know what some of your holy grail products are. I love trying new things!


5 Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

Hooray for fall! I love every aspect of fall, except for maybe pumpkin spice lattes (those, I can’t stand). I love the cooler weather, the changing trees, the color palette, warm sweaters, football and to make things even better, my birthday is in the fall.5 Favorite Fall Nail Polishes1

In addition to loving fall time, I love nail polish! In celebration of fall and my ever growing nail polish collection, I want to share my 5 favorite nail polish colors for fall.

Studio M Style Icon

  1. Studio M Style Icon. This color can only be described as barbeque sauce; perfect for the fall. I love the formula and is opaque after just one coat. Add a nice top coat and the finish is amazing. Essie Butler Please
  2. Essie Butler Please. I love the true blue of this polish. It’s similar to the original Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and is a great formula but application can be a little uneven sometimes. Orly Space Cadet
  3. Orly Space Cadet. This color is one of few duo chrome shimmer polishes that I actually wear. It has every fall color in sparkle form. It takes a few coats for the polish to be opaque but it’s worth the extra time for the final product. Essie Armed and Ready
  4. Essie Armed and Ready. I love this army green/gray with a gold shimmer. The end result is beautiful and Essie’s formula is amazing as usual. Studio M Darkest Black
  5. Studio M Darkest Black. I love black nail polish all year and this one is my favorite. The formula can be a little runny but applied carefully, is opaque in one coat.

What are your favorite nail polishes for fall?


Lush Cup O’Coffee Mask

I love having regular pamper nights to take care of my skin, hair, nails and body in general. It’s a small thing I can do to take care of a body that occasionally hates me (joint pain anyone?).

After a particularly rough day, my sister surprised me with a little gift from Lush. I am a sucker for a good mask, especially one from Lush. If you’ve spent any time on any of my social media, you know that I’m a coffee addict. Lush put the two together and made the most amazing face and body mask; Cup O’Coffee.

Lush Cup O'Coffee Face and Body Mask

I was a little worried that the coffee smell would be overpowering and linger, making my face smell like a coffeehouse, long after I washed the mask off. Luckily, I was wrong. It has a sublte sweet coffee scent that smells great on the face and body but only leaves smooth skin, not a lingering scent.

Scent aside, my favorite part is the scrubby beads. While they provide a good scrub, they aren’t abrasive or too harsh. The end result is a caffeine jolt for my face, leaving it smooth and ready to take on the day ahead.

What’s your favorite pamper product?


July Favorites

I love trying out new things and reading about new products, music, books, eateries, etc. Sadly, July was a slow month for me and I really didn’t find or try anything new that was absolutely-can’t-believe it-amazing. But, here are some random things I’ve really been loving this month.


Sage the Gemini

Tori Kelly


M.A.C. Painterly Paint Pot

California Mango Mend




Iced Coffee w/nonfat milk and 3 pumps of white mocha


Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Summer body mist

Aviator sunglasses

SpiderTech tape

 What have you be loving? Anything I should tryout, leave a comment below.