Today, we all reflect and share what we’re thankful for. Of course, we are all thankful for our families, friends, jobs, etc. I love my family, friends and my job more than I can ever express in words. Today, I am not spending the day with family. Instead I am spending my day with my younger sister’s dogs, one of who has kidney cancer and can’t be left alone. I know these dogs are like her children and she needed to spend time with her boyfriend and his family. She is always there to help me, listen when I’m having a bad day or just want to hang out. In this small way, I am able to show her how thanksful I am for her support in my life.

While sitting on the couch, cuddling with some of the cutest dogs ever, I’ve been trying to think outside the box. What am I thankful outside of the typical traditional answers?

I’m thankful for my arthritis. I know, I know. It sounds ridiculous. But without having been diagnosed with arthritis over 17 years ago, I wouldn’t have grown up to be the person I am today. Having arthritis is hard. Sometimes it even sucks! But I’ve learned to not take life too seriously and to go after what I want, even if no one else thinks that it’s possible. I’ve learned that while I think my life is difficult, and sometimes it is, someone is always struggling more than me. I have a great job that I love, friends that are more like family and sisters and a dad that are my only family. Life is pretty amazing!

I am also thankful for women. This year as women we have taken a stand on injustice, inequality and double standards. We have stood up and reported inappropriate behavior, sexual assault, and demeaning comments. We still have a long way to go but we aren’t giving up and that’s the most important thing.  Women are amazing and even though at times, being a women can be difficult, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Some of the most powerful, amazing people I know are women.

I encourage you to think about what you’re grateful for outside of the “traditional” answers. I hope you have a wonderful, safe and loving Thanksgiving Day with those you love.



Happy Sistersgiving

This year, due to some scheduling and unforeseen circumstances, my sisters and I didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving together. So this year we decided to do a Sistersgiving. We grew up doing simple Thanksgiving dinners without a lot of fluff and craziness so it was nice to get together this year and spend some quality time together and remember our childhood.

It’s been so long since we got together to hang out even though we live in the same city. the spread! It may not look like much but it’s the food our grandmother attempted (she wasn’t the best cook) and we later helped make with her and our mom. Someone was trying to sneak a peek at the table before dinner. Every family get together as kids, we would play rummy. Our grandfather passed away this summer and it was so nice to sit and play a game he taught us.

This was easily one of my favorite holidays to date. Hanging out with my sisters, who are more than sisters, and ate some great food and reminisced about the craziness of growing up. If you’ve never had a Thanksgiving to recreate your childhood meals, I highly recommend doing so.


For years, I never gave much thought to taking care of myself, not in an emotional sense anyway. I was raised to help others and essentially bury my feelings to be understanding and empathic towards others. It wasn’t until a few years ago that a friend finally wore me down after weeks of nagging to finally set up a self-care plan for myself. 

At the time, I was so stressed and burned out that I wasn’t sleeping or eating and my stomach was in knots.  My job really took it toll and I wasn’t taking time for myself which in turn made my arthritis flare. I spent all of my spare time doing things for others instead of taking a few minutes or hours to myself each week. 

I try to do at least one thing from my list each week. It sounds simple but we all know life has a way of sneaking up on us and suddenly we don’t have time to get everything done, even when we organize and prioritize. Below are a few things that  try to do on a regular basis. 

  • Warm shower
  • Face mask
  • Read a book
  • Watch a movie
  • Play with my dogs 
  • Take a walk
  • Mani/pedi
  • Light a candle
  • Sleep in
  • Watch church service online
  • Shopping
  • Coloring 
  • Talk to friends
  • Coffee date
  • Journal
  • Relax in bed
  • Bullet journal 

If you’ve never tried self-care, you’re missing out. Taking even 15 minutes a day to do something for yourself makes a world of difference. Let me know what you do to de-stress after a crazy day. 

Candle Haul | Bath & Body Works

Ok. So my love of candles isn’t a secret…at all! I constantly stop and smell candles every single time I come across them. It doesn’t matter if I’m in Target or walking through the mall and come across a Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works. I always, I mean always, stop and see what’s new.

Bath and Body Works candles are my favorite of all time. They are constantly having sales or sending coupons via email which is amazing for candle addicts like myself. A few weeks back, I purchased a few…okay 6…candles during a sale plus I had a coupon. Basically, I got six candles for the price of 2.5!

In honor of these new candles, I wanted to show you what scents I’m obsessed with right now. My favorite scents change based on the season and right now, I’m really loving the fruity, summery scents.

Tiki Mango Mai Tai is a tropical blend of mango nectar, jasmine flower and sun kissed grapefruit.
Georgia Peach is described as a blend of Georgia peaches, dewy petals and a hint of creamy vanilla.
Sundrenched Mango is fresh pineapple and salted citrus in an intoxicating island fragrance.

Bow Ties & Bourbon is a blend of dark oak, fresh bergamot and a hint of bourbon.
Mango Dragon Fruit is a blend of juicy golden mangos and lush pink dragon fruit.
Sundress is described as a blend of bright day lilies, Tonka beans and bergamot.

I’m sure I’ll be adding more to my collection before I even finished burning all of these. Burning candles help me relax after a crazy day of work or a busy weekend shopping and hanging out with my family. Trust me! If you need to relax, grab your favorite candle, your favorite book or movie and just chill!

I love smelling new candles so leave me some suggestions of your favorite candles below in the comments section. Enjoy the weekend!




Desk Tour

As someone who is an organization dork and planner freak, I love seeing people’s workspaces. Office Depot and Staples, or even the office section in Target make me very happy! I love pens, pencils, notebooks, paper clips, folders, sticky notes, I love it all!

Over the last few years, I’ve been using one large desk for doing my makeup and hair, and as a laptop station. It was incredibly inconvenient!!! A few weeks back I went to Ikea and discovered a great, inexpensive way to have 2 separate spaces for beauty things and work things.

I purchased a white table top for $7.99 and 4 table legs for $12. I simple screwed the legs into the tabletop and viola, work desk!

  I am obsessed with this desk. It’s small compared to what I had but that forces me to keep everything tidy and looks a lot more put together without makeup all over the place. The only downside is there is no storage and I’m still working on find something that works for me.
So, without further ado, here is a closer look at my blogging space.    I loving having this mirror behind the desk. It’s a great place to put pictures and gives me something to look at instead of the boring wall. I always have a candle burning and today I have one of my all time favorite Bath & Body Works candles, Peach Bellini lit. It’s smells heavenly!

 To the left of my laptop I have some sticky notes and my planner. I keep a few pens out if I need to add something but keep the majority with the rest of my planner supplies. I also keep a jar of colored pencils for coloring or doodling. Next to the colored pencils, I have another candle and a small bowl of paper clips.
 On the right side of my laptop, I have an additional notepad and my lamp, along with another candle. I told you I loved candles!

I find this space incredibly relaxing and inspiring. Let me know your favorite places to blog in the comments below.


5 Things To Do More Often

Adulting is hard! Bills. Jobs. Family. Friends. Housework. Bills. Who knew there was so much responsibility being an adult? Why didn’t anyone ever tell us?! Instead of learning about the quadratic equation, which I have never used in my adult life by the way, why wasn’t there a class on how to balance adult responsibilities with the little things in life?

From a reformed workaholic, I can tell you from experience that it’s so easy to get wrapped up in work  and forget about the small things that are really important. But learning to balance my work life and responsibilities with my personal life keeps me in a better place. Balance not only keeps me physically heathy but also mentally healthy. I’ve come up with five things that I need/want to do more often to keep the peace in my life.

Keep in Touch with Old Friends

Some of the greatest friendships I’ve had came from high school and college. I went to college out of state and then moved out of state a few years after college. It’s difficult to keep in touch because everyone is busy. My best friends live in Las Vegas and Los Angeles so the time difference alone is a big barrier. But, since reuniting in December for a wedding, I’ve tried to be more consistent with keeping in touch. Social media makes it easier but there is nothing like good old phone conversations or FaceTime.

Get Fresh Air

Having grown up in Montana, I have an affinity for being outdoors. I’m not necessarily a camping and hiking kind of person, but I find being outside in the wide open spaces to be very relaxing. Taking a walk or just sitting outside calms my mind and reminds me of a simpler time growing up in a small town with few responsibilities.

Slow Down

Nowadays, everyone is so incredibly busy with jobs, family, friends and volunteer work that we don’t take the time to slow down and enjoy life. Prior to becoming a preschool teacher, my job was incredibly demanding and I spent a lot of time at home, catching up on paperwork that I didn’t have time to do at the office. I burned out very easily and was incredibly unhappy. By switching careers, though a difficult decision, was the best thing I’ve done for myself.

Take More Photos

Part of slowing down is enjoying life more and making memories with those we love. I always plan to take photos of outings with friends and family but get wrapped up in what we’re doing and then regret that I didn’t get a photo of that hilarious moment of the night. I’ve been trying to make an effort to take a few snapshots, even if only with my iPhone, to remember the important, fun memories.

Me Time

More often than not, I spend time doing work related things or helping out friends and family, which I love doing, but I forget that it’s just as important to do things for myself. Not only do I need to remember to take time to relax for mental health reasons, but also for physical reasons. If I do too much, my arthritis is nice enough to remind me that I need to slow down and take care of myself.

What things do you want/need to do more often? Leave me a comment below.



Organize With Me

I am a huge planner/scheduler!! Let’s be honest, anyone with a chronic pain disease has to be a scheduler. Otherwise, the hundreds of appointments and medications get lost in the shuffle of everyday life.

I’m very picky when it comes to the type of planner I like though. At my last job, I lived for the planner with scheduled times (in 15 minutes increments). Sounds rigid but with my job, I needed the structure to keep everything running smoothly.

Now that my job is less rigid and scheduled and I use my planner for personal use only, I prefer a more flexible style. Last year, I came across Plum Paper Planners on Etsy and decided to order one. I absolutely loved it!

The daily vertical format was very different from my rigid timed planner but I learned to love it. These planners are easy to customize and decorate each month and individual week. The planners are constructed so well and for a base price of $31 before add-ons, these planners are a great deal!

I know a lot of people love the Erin Condren Life Planners but I couldn’t justify spending $50 on a planner. The Plum Paper Planners can be just at customized as the Life Planners and are almost the same size. I really like the lines on these planners where the Life Planners are just blank squares.

This year, I ordered another Plum Paper Planner but with a different weekly layout. I wanted to try something new and I really hoped that I would like it. I’m still getting used to it but I think overall, I’m really going to like it.

I was pleasantly surprised at the changes they made. The cover is a waterproof, tear proof cover that seems really durable. They’ve also added a Monthly Highlights page to each month to document goals, birthday, events and other important things to remember that month.

If you’re looking for a new planner this year, I highly recommend Plum Paper Planners. They have various customizable covers and multiple different types of planners; family planners, school planners, teacher planners, etc. Let me know how you stay organized in the comments below!