Happy Sistersgiving

This year, due to some scheduling and unforeseen circumstances, my sisters and I didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving together. So this year we decided to do a Sistersgiving. We grew up doing simple Thanksgiving dinners without a lot of fluff and craziness so it was nice to get together this year and spend some quality time together and remember our childhood.

It’s been so long since we got together to hang out even though we live in the same city. the spread! It may not look like much but it’s the food our grandmother attempted (she wasn’t the best cook) and we later helped make with her and our mom. Someone was trying to sneak a peek at the table before dinner. Every family get together as kids, we would play rummy. Our grandfather passed away this summer and it was so nice to sit and play a game he taught us.

This was easily one of my favorite holidays to date. Hanging out with my sisters, who are more than sisters, and ate some great food and reminisced about the craziness of growing up. If you’ve never had a Thanksgiving to recreate your childhood meals, I highly recommend doing so.


July Favorites

I love trying out new things and reading about new products, music, books, eateries, etc. Sadly, July was a slow month for me and I really didn’t find or try anything new that was absolutely-can’t-believe it-amazing. But, here are some random things I’ve really been loving this month.


Sage the Gemini

Tori Kelly


M.A.C. Painterly Paint Pot

California Mango Mend




Iced Coffee w/nonfat milk and 3 pumps of white mocha


Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Summer body mist

Aviator sunglasses

SpiderTech tape

 What have you be loving? Anything I should tryout, leave a comment below.


Summer Essentials

Today is the first day of summer! I don’t know why but even though I work the same hours during the summer, there’s something peaceful and relaxing about knowing that’s its summertime. Maybe because the days are longer or the weather is nicer or maybe it’s just some kind of magic in the air but we all know life is better in flip flops. Here are some of my summer must haves this year.

Summer EssentialsSummer Essentials bag

  • Aviators: I am addicted to sunglasses; I never go anywhere without them. There’s nothing cute about squinting in the bright sun while your lounging on the beach or window shopping. I get mine at Target; cute and affordable.
  • Sunscreen: Being a redhead, I don’t tan; I crisp. I absolutely hate the smell of sunscreen and the idea of putting it on my face is not appealing at all. This Neutrogena sunscreen is my favorite even though it does have a smell; it doesn’t linger. The dry-touch formula is means I’m not a greasy mess when I put makeup over the top.
  • Setting Spray: Melting makeup isn’t cute on anyone but especially me. I use Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray daily in the summer. It locks my makeup in place for most of the day. It doesn’t last all day but most of the day which is good enough for me.
  • Sandals: I live in sandals all summer long. By adding these cute sandals, it take an outfit from casual to summer casual.
  • Sea Salt Spray: This is a new product that I’m learning to really love. I have naturally wavy hair and this Tony & Guy Sea Salt spray is fantastic for beachy waves.
  • Colorful Bag: I love color so a bright bag or a cute print is my go to look for summer. I especially love this bag because it’s big enough to hold everything I need but it’s not heavy and difficult to get into.


profile photo2

Hey guys!

Blogging is something I’ve wanted to do for years and finally decided to just go for it. I have a passion for all things fashion, beauty and life in general so expect a little bit of everything. Let’s kick things off with 20 random facts about me.

  1. I’m 28 years old.
  2. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis almost 15 years ago and celebrate the date every year.
  3. I grew up in a very small town with less than 1800 people
  4. My niece and nephew are my favorite kids
  5. I have a serious addiction to iced coffee (the barista starts making it when I walk in the door–don’t judge)
  6. I look shockingly similar to my older sister (we aren’t twins but get asked at least once a week if we are)
  7. I’ve had 5 joints replaced (both hips, both knees and a shoulder) and will probably be doing another one in 2016 if not sooner
  8. I love Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff bags
  9. I want to travel more
  10. I’m horrible at taking photos but pretend to be amazing
  11. I quote movies every day and drive my friends and family nuts
  12. I have more than 15 empty candle jars that I’m saving for a project but have no idea what it is yet
  13. I love nail polish and getting my nails done
  14. When I go “shopping” I usually walk around from store to store but never actually buy anything
  15. I love stationary and notebooks and pens.
  16. I am very organized and use a planner daily
  17. I can remember names and dates freakishly well
  18. I’m learning to love the gym
  19. I have 2 sisters
  20. I have a small addict to phone cases.

I hope this gives you a little glimpse into who I am. See you soon!