Today, we all reflect and share what we’re thankful for. Of course, we are all thankful for our families, friends, jobs, etc. I love my family, friends and my job more than I can ever express in words. Today, I am not spending the day with family. Instead I am spending my day with my younger sister’s dogs, one of who has kidney cancer and can’t be left alone. I know these dogs are like her children and she needed to spend time with her boyfriend and his family. She is always there to help me, listen when I’m having a bad day or just want to hang out. In this small way, I am able to show her how thanksful I am for her support in my life.

While sitting on the couch, cuddling with some of the cutest dogs ever, I’ve been trying to think outside the box. What am I thankful outside of the typical traditional answers?

I’m thankful for my arthritis. I know, I know. It sounds ridiculous. But without having been diagnosed with arthritis over 17 years ago, I wouldn’t have grown up to be the person I am today. Having arthritis is hard. Sometimes it even sucks! But I’ve learned to not take life too seriously and to go after what I want, even if no one else thinks that it’s possible. I’ve learned that while I think my life is difficult, and sometimes it is, someone is always struggling more than me. I have a great job that I love, friends that are more like family and sisters and a dad that are my only family. Life is pretty amazing!

I am also thankful for women. This year as women we have taken a stand on injustice, inequality and double standards. We have stood up and reported inappropriate behavior, sexual assault, and demeaning comments. We still have a long way to go but we aren’t giving up and that’s the most important thing.  Women are amazing and even though at times, being a women can be difficult, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Some of the most powerful, amazing people I know are women.

I encourage you to think about what you’re grateful for outside of the “traditional” answers. I hope you have a wonderful, safe and loving Thanksgiving Day with those you love.



Happy Sistersgiving

This year, due to some scheduling and unforeseen circumstances, my sisters and I didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving together. So this year we decided to do a Sistersgiving. We grew up doing simple Thanksgiving dinners without a lot of fluff and craziness so it was nice to get together this year and spend some quality time together and remember our childhood.

It’s been so long since we got together to hang out even though we live in the same city. the spread! It may not look like much but it’s the food our grandmother attempted (she wasn’t the best cook) and we later helped make with her and our mom. Someone was trying to sneak a peek at the table before dinner. Every family get together as kids, we would play rummy. Our grandfather passed away this summer and it was so nice to sit and play a game he taught us.

This was easily one of my favorite holidays to date. Hanging out with my sisters, who are more than sisters, and ate some great food and reminisced about the craziness of growing up. If you’ve never had a Thanksgiving to recreate your childhood meals, I highly recommend doing so.

National Organ Donation Day

This post is a little different from others, especially considering that today is Valentine’s Day. But in a way, I am talking about love.

Organ donation is something that is very near and dear to my heart. As a junior in high school, my grandfather, who I’d only met a few years prior, fell sick and was in need of a new liver. He was never a drinker but his liver was failing anyway. I remember sitting in the hospital, just being with him while he slept, praying that someone gave him a liver.

For the first time in my 17 years, I was in danger of losing someone close to me. I’d been lucky and had never lost a family member. There I was sitting in the hospital, wishing that I had called my grandpa more often. I wished that I had gotten the opportunity to visit more and get to know him.

My grandpa was in the hospital for about a week before he was lucky enough to get a liver. I couldn’t believe it. I remember wishing I could thank the family for donating their loved one’s organ so I could have more time with my grandpa. Obviously, this wasn’t possible but I said a prayer for this mysterious person and their family for giving my grandpa a second chance at life.

Fast forward a few years when it was time to renew my driver’s license. I was asked if I wanted to be an organ donor. Sadly, I had to decline. I assumed that due to my arthritis and the medication that I was taking, I would not be able to donation organs or tissue to anyone. Turns out, I was wrong. I’ve never been so glad to be wrong in my entire life!

I am now a card carrying member of the organ donation club and I urge you to consider this as well. Don’t assume that just because you have certain diseases or physical ailments that you aren’t a candidate. Talk to your family, friends and doctors to decide if this is something that is right for you.

organ donor facts

Currently there are more than 120,000 people waiting for an organ transplant. More than 17 people die waiting for a transplant each day. According to the Health and Human Services a new person is added to the waiting list every 10 minutes.

Check out for more information. Thanks for listening to my rambling today. Just felt moved to write about this today. Have a great week and Happy Valentine’s Day!




Wednesday Smiles

Yesterday, my nephew was outside playing with sidewalk chalk in the driveway with my sister. She grabbed some chalk and wrote “Daddy heart Misty”. My nephew thought it was pretty cool so he wrote his name and then asked my sister to draw a circle. She asked if he wanted a heart and he said “No. A circle.” She drew his circle and then he started to write again. This was the result.

sidewalk chalk finishedI’m TT (a nickname from years ago that stuck with the kids in our family). Is he not the sweetest kid? He’s four years old and says we’re best friends. He apparently circles me as well.

Happy Wednesday!

See you soon!