January 2017

Happy 2017! A new year means a clean slate. Everywhere I turn friends and family are talking about their resolutions or goals for 2017. Don’t get me wrong, setting goals for the day, week, month, year, whatever are important. I tend to lose motivation on my resolutions so this year I wanted to do something a little different. While I still want to set attainable goals, I decided to create monthly goals so I don’t get overwhelmed.  I figure by sharing them with you, I will be more motivated to achieve my goals.

Be Consistent
My first goal for January is to publish a new blog post once a week. My life is really busy right now but continuing to grow my blog is important to me. I want to share my thoughts and loves with the world. I may even be able to help a person or two.

Be Present
I would like to spend less time on my phone. I’ve notice that I get very anxious if I leave my phone at home to go the store or even leaving in on the charger in another room. I find this absolutely ridiculous and I want to spend more time talking to people around me instead of being glued to my phone.

Be Healthy
My final goal for January is to drink more water. I find that some days, I will go hours or even a whole day without drinking more than a glass or two of water. Obviously, this is incredibly unhealthy and I want to take better care of myself. I got a new 24 oz water bottle for Christmas that keeps water cold for 12 hours. My goal is to refill and drink at least 3 bottles of water.

I decided to start small for January and only focus on a few goals. In order to remind me of my goals, I’ve written then down right next to my computer so I see them every morning. Let me know what your resolutions for 2017, or just January, in the comments below. Here’s to making 2017 better than last year!





5 Secrets to Gym Motivation

Lately, it seems going to the gym is a fad or trend. It’s a great one but there is a lot of pressure socially to be seen at the gym. Annoying but true. However, social pressures and expectations aside, I’ve been trying to be more consistent with going to the gym or just being active. The more active I am, the better my joints work (see Dr. B, I was listening!).


Over the past few months, I’ve tried to be more consistent. My goal is to workout three times a week for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes, life gets in the way (or I just can’t be bothered) and some weeks I don’t go at all. However, there are a few things that I’ve found to keep me motivated to going to the gym or just being more active in general.

  1. Friends. I’ve found that there are few things I hate more than working out alone. My sister and I go together and it’s a lot more fun, even though we don’t do the same workouts. It’s also harder to back out when she is ready and waiting.
  2. Music. I love music anyway but working out to a good Hip-Hop/R&B song really gets me pumped for my workouts. I have an entire playlist on my phone of songs I like to workout too. Trust me, a good rhythm makes it easier to get pumped up. I use songs to determine my pace. One song, I increase my pace, the next, recover.
  3. Scheduling. I am a huge scheduler/planner and it took a little trial and error to find a time that worked best for my sister and I. We used to get up at 4:30 every morning because that’s the only time that worked for us. We’ve recently switched gyms and now go in the evenings which seems to be working out really well; plus I feel like I’m getting more sleep. If we can’t get to the gym, we take our dogs for a walk.
  4. Fashion. This sounds so cliché but if I have cute gym clothes, I feel more confident and want to show them off. I’m all about function over fashion but if I don’t like my yoga pants or my sports bra doesn’t fit well, I’m not going to put them on and go sweat it out of the elliptical for 30 minutes.
  5. Variety. How boring is it to go the gym and always do the same things? I love change so coming up with different workouts or ways to get more exercise is key for me. Some days I’ll skip the gym and take my dogs for a walk. Some times I’ll skip the elliptical and do the treadmill and some strength training. Keep it fun and you’ll be more inclined to follow through.

How do you stay motivated to go to the gym or workout?


Say Something Nice Day


Today is National Say Something Nice Day. Firs thing to know about me, I love celebrating weird holidays like this. Added to that, I think it’s way too easy to be nasty with social media so it’s also a nice reminder to be nice to everyone. I found this sign at an Etsy shop called The Motivated Type for instant download and thought it was perfect for today.



See you soon!