Philosophy Back to Nurture Replenishment | Review

I first discovered the Philosophy brand in college completely by accident. I was unhappy with my drugstore facial cleanser and had gone to an even at Nordstrom with a friend. My friend raved about the brand so I decided to splurge and give it a try. I fell in love with the purity cleanser. It’s absolutely amazing!

Over the years of trying different medications for my arthritis my skin became very dry and somewhat sensitive. My skin isn’t completely sensitive but I do react to a lot of products. I’m not completely sure if the medications actually had any affected on the change in my skin but hormones and purity, along side up to 30 pills a day, I believe they played some roll in the change.

Now as an adult, my skin has stabilized for the most part. I’ve found a routine that works and keeps my face relatively clear, with only the occasional breakout or texture on my face. The one thing I had been on the hunt for was a nighttime hydrating moisturizer.

A few weeks back I was on the Philosophy website purchasing my daily moisturizer and had a free gift with a $60 purchase. The free gift was a 2oz Back to Nurture Replenishment Crème. I did a little research and decided to spend an extra $15 to get the free moisturizer.

I’ve been trying this product out for about two weeks and I love it! It marketed to be a daily morning and night moisturizer but I find that’s too thick for me to wear under makeup so I use it strictly  as a night cream. It’s a very thick consistency but is easy to blend in all over the face and neck. The next morning my skin is supple, smooth and hydrated.

The only downside for me is the scent. All Philosophy products have a slight scent and this one is not different. It has a perfume scent to it which doesn’t linger for more than about 5-10 minutes but I could do without the scent completely.

If you struggle with finding products that work, I highly recommend the Philosophy brand to everyone I know! I even got my older sister who is even more picky than I am, to try the face cleanser and moisturizer and she loves them!

One of my favorite things about Philosophy is, if you sign up for their promotional emails on their website, they’re always having really amazing free gift with purchase giveaways. It’s a great way to purchase one or two products and get another for free! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a free gift?!

Let me know in the comments how you deal with changes in your skin and what products work for you. Have a wonderful weekend!



SpiderTech Tape

Joint pain sucks. This time of year is always especially bad for my joints. I’m not sure if it’s the changing weather or just the way my pain cycles but spring into summer is the worst for me. Spring and summer are sandal weather but because of my fusing ankle joint, I have to wear these hideous and bulky ankle braces. At least I had to in the past.

About six months ago, my sister’s mother-in-law told me about this tape called SpiderTech that is supposed to help with muscle and joint pain. Apparently a lot of athletes use it for sports injuries. She gave me a few samples and taped my ankle for me. I kid you not, after about five minutes, I was walking around with no pain! That’s probably an exaggeration because I feel pain all day every day, but it was so insignificant I didn’t notice it. I was amazed! Even with the ankle brace, I still had some noticeable pain.

Not only does the tape help with my pain, it’s very thin and not bulky so my shoes and sandals fit like they should; they aren’t too tight because of the added thickness of the brace which is huge benefit. Each tape lasts around 5 days and comes in different shapes and sizes for all different joints and muscles. There are four different colors, black, pink, blue and nude. I found them at Walmart, 6 of the X’s for $9.99 which is about a month’s supply.

SpiderTech 12 SpiderTech 21

The cost might be a negative for some people but for me the benefits totally outweigh the cost of $10 plus tax each month. SpiderTech is available internationally and online at their store. The website also offers videos on how to correctly apply each of the different tapes.

Coming from a chronic pain sufferer, this tape has really made a different for me. Let me know if you’ve tried it.

See you soon!